Random Achievements

''Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.'' - twitter.com

I already achieved a lot of goals without realising it. Soon, I forgot to be grateful person. Bruno Mars said, too dumb, too young to realise. Oh sorry, I'm not going to say myself dumb. The old me might a little dumb, but I'm crawling against it because I don't deserve that title. I'm way better.

Before this I was aching all over in so much agony that even myself couldn't remember the pain that I've been through. I'm glad that I'm still breathing in this fresh air. Without so much worries because the past years taught me a lot of lessons and finally I barely escaped from that terrible life.

But when it comes to my bad temper, I do argue over meaningless things, proving that I still have my childish charm on my own way. I should listen others' opinions, yes I do but sometimes I don't accept. In this circumstances, I should be thankful because they didn't leave me. They accepted the other side of me including the horrible one. Unfortunately, I didn't think twice that there must be even a little leftover of my bad attitude in their hearts that might hurt them. 

If and only if I able to dive into their heart and search for my mistakes. IF ONLY.

The other side of me before, uhm am I going to reveal it? Yes because I'm moving on to another chapter of my life. All this while, when I had nasty day, I cried instead of thinking the silver lining of the incidents. I felt that I've been humiliated, left aside and thought that myself was full of hatred by some people. I did cry over silly things. Gosh! I was negative-minded all the time. Actually they didn't. Of course they didn't. Thanks to that awful experiences, I'm no longer too sensitive when it comes to moderate conflicts. However, I am pretty sure I am not strong enough to face a HUGE trouble all alone yet I'm still learning to do so. 

Age is just a number, maturity is a choice.

I want to be hundred percent positive. It may be hard but no pain no gain, right? Don't laugh, I'm serious. Let's not be an idiot for crying of nothing. As an easy example, crying for this person > BOY. Well, as a girl I did that before. WHAT? I'M NORMAL. Falling in love for a boy is normal when puberty hit you. But the vital thing is how you handle the situation. Whether you keep it deeply in your heart or you just meet him face by face and confess (congrats for brave girl like this). Based on my observations, I do agree that when you keep it deeply in your heart, you hurt more. Because you will be confuse of him and also yourself. SO. LET'S BE ABNORMAL. Right now, I have no feeling towards any boy and I have no time to think about it. It's enough with a few experiences before this. I had that love feeling before. It's too beautiful created until it's too hurt to forget. But, I showered praises for myself cause able to forget easily about....him. EH? 

''If you’re not losing friends then you’re not growing up.'' -facts

I'm growing up! Hurray! I get motivated by Kelly Clarkson's song --> Breakaway. ''I'' spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly, I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky and I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a chance, and breakaway. Out of the darkness and into the sun. BUT I WON'T FORGET ALL THE ONES THAT I LOVE. I'll take a risk, take chance, make a change and breakaway. I do love a few of Kelly's song. The lyrics are the cure to the ill melodies and soon forming a great momentum for me and others. Nonsense? Sorry! Hmm, I may lose my old best friends. But I believed they came in my life for awhile for some reasons. Like.... to make me realise that I have to be brave in reality. I was living in virtual life before? Well, a bit! Indeed, I'm grateful right now cause best people in my life still besides me. Family, friends, and last but not least, the special one, my little me.

Goodbye. May all the force be with you.

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The Silver Lining Of The Clouds

''Believe that miracle can be reality.''

Assalamualaikum stalkers readers. What's up? Hope all of you guys are doing well. I'm pretty sure some of you might have bad day/feeling today. But as a friend to you, I would like to remind you that keep smiling even you are not okay. Smiling is like a virus. When a person is smiling, the others might smile too. So, let's spread the smile and prevent that sobbing and mad with rage face [it's ugly to be honest].Spread smiles. The Prophet Muhammad said that even smiling and saying a kind word is charity. #InspiredByMuhammadS.A.W.

''When you smile to your brother's face, it is charity.'' - Prophet Muhammad

Hence, if you're in a pickle/in hot water (in trouble), Be patient. It's sunnah! Soon, you'll see the beauty/ benefit of being patient when you're in trouble. Based on my experience, I can tell that it is the truth. When I was in Form 4 (2014), I failed to be a prefect in school for 2015 which have made me upset of myself. But I didn't make an attempt to burst into tears. Instead, I tried to be positive. As all my friends were able to grab that chance, I was sitting alone behind them, worrying about my marks/percentage for my co-curriculum. Soon, I decided to be secretary of Red Crescent Moon Association. (That's what I was thinking in my mind). There was a train of thoughts playing around in my brain (also in my tiny heart). Well, I'm not active person. I can say that I'm a shy person, have a slow/soft voice. But that's only when I'm with strangers or others excluding my family members and best friends. I really hate this side in myself. However, I never make a plan to change that personality.

Back to the topic, when the RCM (PBSM in malay) members were gathering, I just stayed silent. My decision to be a secretary PUFF! Vanished into a thin air. The others kept saying their friends name. I stayed... rooted. Watching the candidates for president's position... Phew all girls ( boys rarely join PBSM right?) At last, one of my teachers pointed at me... Saying that I'm capable and suitable. What? I never be in this position before. My highest position was just a treasurer in my class for 2 years in a row (need applause?) At last, majority of the members agreed to have me as the president. Later on, I returned home... cycling to home (I'm not staying in hostel, I was just cycling because my home is just a stone's throw away.) Come to think of it, if I got to be a prefect, I have zero chance to be in this position. WHAT A MIRACLE!

The following week. I joined Math Innovation club. This time, the teachers will decide themselves to choose student for the president and others. Well, I was hoping nothing... but I said in mind, if I get the lowest position, I might be happier. The president was a boy, as expected. Then, one of the teachers choose me to be assistant for president... OH MY! WHAT? ANOTHER MIRACLE! But soon she knew that I am the president of PBSM for 2015. But Allah said...

So I was choosen. Alhamdulillah. Since that day, I was not worrying too much about my marks for co-curriculum. Allah is fair. I'm also satisfied with my marks right now. 

In a nutshell, think! Face the world. Never give up. Allah gave me chances. Soon, I have to make a hay while the sun shines with the Allah's help to achieve my goals. It's okay to upset about a little thing but don't take time. Time is running. There will be the ups and the downs in our lives. But, be confident! I dare you, take the paper and marker. Write BE CONFIDENT as big as your paper. Then put it on the wall in your room. You can gain the confidence! The moral of the story is....... (look below) InshaAllah. 

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2016 ft. January

Assalamualaikum, silent reader(s)!~ ^^

Hello guys! Happy new year~ InshaAllah pada tahu 2016 kita semua mampu menjadi manusia lebih baik. Be strong in your life. Because there will be endless problems to be faced. Takkanlah Allah tak uji hamba-Nya kan? So, apapun we have to be positive-minded all the time! Keep it up & you can do it... 

In 2016, kuragehime.blogspot.com dah berwajah baru~ Tada!!! Hehehe.... still in pink but different type of pink. If I'm not mistaken, pink salmon. Ada jugak pink lain-lain. Apapun aku dan pink takkan terpisah. Kehkehkeh! Thanks jugak Sis Om .. I'm so grateful to meet an honest and kind person like her. Alright so lepas 2 hari mengedit blog. Inilah kuragehime98 versi baru. Hehe... since 2012 tau.. 17 Ramadhan.. <3

In 2016, owner blog ini dah berumur 18 tahun dan beberapa hari since I am decemberian. Well, masih banyak liku liku hidup yang perlu ditempuhi. Apapun tahniah buat diri sendiri dan TUNA sebab dah dapat lesen L both kereta and motor kecuali si Anis (kereta je). Tak sabar nak dapat P pulak and drive vrooom!~ Doakan kami guys, inshaAllah. 

In 2016, MARCH. Result SPM will be revealed. Okay yang ni part yang paling mendebarkan aku. Because I knew what I've made. InshaAllah. Tu je mampu cakap. Goodluck student TePCES batch #007. Lepas result, masuk U. Maka terbanglah semua ke bidang masing - masing. Aku si tuna members tak lupa aku yang comel ni. Mestilah kan? Tuna Sejati lah katakan. *krik krik* (baik gile ayat aku)

Tuna members...
  • Norshahira bt Mohamed Zambri (26 Jan 1998)
  • Wan Nur Syahirah bt W. Hassan (16 July 1998)
  • Anis Asyikin bt Alui (4 Oct 1998)
  • Nazira Hazwani bt Abdul Manan (26 Dec 1998)

Itu sajalah untuk entry kali ni. Lain kali aku nak hurai mereka ni kahkahkah! Semoga bahagia anda semua dengan orang orang tercinta. Aamiin...

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#NOTA KAKI - Kepada batch 1998 dan lain lain yang berkenaan. Diharap agar pandai manage masa dengan baik (sebenarnya ni nasihat buat diri sendiri... keh keh keh!) Enjoy your life! //Written by : Nazira Hazwani 

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