Alright alright, if I continue typing in Japanese, I would create more grammatical error so let's change to English as usual. >.<' MY BAD! So, okay. Did my wish come true? Clearly not yet. I'm still not flying yet to Japan. Who knows? Maybe my dream to be in Hokkaido land will become true. Even though right now Basic Japanese is killing everybody in MJHEP, いっしょにがんばろう!I do have a lot of things in my mind right now but of course I won't tell everything in public. So let me just have a simple conclusion for each topics (topic apakah?)


I still can't forget our first meeting with my roommates. Everybody with muka suci (except ieyra because she's with me since high school) which are totally different than current one. But yeah to be honest I do feel grateful to have them in my life. To be compared with my best friend's life in *****, I'm totally thankful to be accepted for this program. Here I am, in 213 which is the eeriest room ever since you have a total 100% of getting bullied by Hanis. Hehe, no offense. But she's nice person. I still remember how she took care of me when I got fever. Most matured maybe? But still have her childish side, hmm can't be help though. Izzatie? Well, I can tell that she got a lot of similarities with me. Maybe? I can get along well with her. Karaoke-ing, dancing, making silly faces towards each others perhaps could tell that we both got that insane characters. Ieyra, yeah since she was my deskmate in high school so I don't worry much about her. Honestly I don't know her 100% but for now it's just enough to have her like this. Where I can be crazy and to lean when I need. That's it. She's one of the reasons I'm staying strong in MJHEP. No doubt.


Semester 1 and Semester 2 with class x members. At first, I said ''oh my this class is boring''. TOO SILENT. But soon... *takleh describe* I don't really sure but after ''hack hack'' punya kejadian, maka riuhlah group x on Whatsapp... Our relationships became strong after gathering makan pizza. Yummy! Making a big circle and playing truth or dare are some of moments with class x members. Beautifully created by us. Soon, I began to be thankful for have them. Walaupun aku tak rapat dengan semua orang. That's why I'm scared of losing them (konon acah baik ni). Jadi, selamat menikmati hari hari baru pada sem 2 dengan nazira yang cantik berseri ini ya anak anak semua. Oh ya, in this class, I'm the youngest, as usual. Penatlah jadi orang termuda ni. Maknae desu! (eh korean + japanese?) And last but not least, mime drama group. I still remember that hectic week. Kakunin test lah drama lah presentation itu lah kaiwa apa semua. Semua masa tu stress. I did feel that too but not too much. Entah, watashimo wakarimasendeshita. Tapi yang aku ingat, aku pergi praktis drama pun, duk main main dengan kanji lah, tak fokus. Budak budak ni sama naik, selagi takda yang cakap serious, selagi tu main main. Gladly drama kami tu so-so boleh lah cukup cukup makan. Dapat komen positif dah cukup lega. Balik pukul 12 duk praktis drama. Padahal praktis kanji. Kah! Member x yang lain, ramai je aku tak pernah bercakap. Hopefully to have a great relationship with all of them.


First class was D. First lecturer was Tomino Sensei & Aizan Sensei. Just one week / one day if I'm not mistaken. Second one was Sumire. Blablabla I don't remember what happened in Sumire but my partner was Techa. I'm okay with her, of course for the first time, I did feel awkward as usual. Shy toka, nak loya buruk malu kononnya. Cis penipu betul. Then class shuffle. What will be my next class? SAKURA? ASAGAO? NADESHIKO? Penat aku fikir last last I got Sumire again. Time tu manusia yang ada dalam Sumire 1 tu Isha, Sakinah, Fathi, Zahid dengan Syawal kot? Sumire 2, my partner was Mahirah, also member of class X. She's better than me in Nihongo that time, so aku rasa bersyukurlah jugak kan. Boleh lah tolong tolong aku sikit. Ceh! Blablablabla, then class shuffle lagi. My next class? Jeng jeng!


To be honestly honest, Papaya class is my favorite one. At first aku tak suka gila kena shuffle kelas lagi sebab baru je rapat dengan member sumire 2. I entered Papaya Class. ''Partner aku siapa ni, ada beg je... manusia ni dah ke mana''. That's my first reaction in that class. Dah lah aku tak tegur pun partner aku mula mula. Dua dua buat bisu, kenal nama pun sebab aku baru je mengumpat pasal dia dengan roommate. (kah kah) Dia pun tak tanya nama aku, sampailah sekarang dia tak tanya. Memang takde greeting langsung. Tahu tahu je buat kaiwa (conversation) sama sama. Sekarang baru la gila gila lepas tu bila throwback balik pasal first meeting, semua dah takleh imagine camne. Teruk betul. Tapi papaya class paling happening.


Bye, Assalamualaikum.

Thanks for reading! :D

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