Sixes and sevens


It was a hectic week. Glad it's over. But doesn't mean I can be relax, nah it's impossible! Oh hello readers. Have you smile and be grateful for today? Please do so cause people look much better with warm smile rather than frown faces, right? Anyway, above gif is cute right! But seems that it contains lot of meanings. I mean, like.... a strange relationship. Uhm, back to the title, sixes and sevens; in confusion. 

I rarely get along with the title but still trying my best tho! Lately I've been through lot of hard times, yet still got happy moments with people around me. Actually I've finished final examination for Semester 1 of 2nd year here and perhaps gonna conclude some of lessons learnt during this semester. So I live in that class for 2 years without shuffling (can i use this term actually lol). To be honestly honest, I didn't enjoy being here. But now I'm grateful to be here. It taught me lot of things. Friendship, betrayal, appreciation and much more. Inexpressible and expressible things, mixed feelings and dramas of course! 

Because people never be grateful, at first. So I took this chance to learn how is it, struggling alone. I chose this path so by hook or by crook I have to pass it. 
Even though 私はちょっと分かりづらいんだが。。。

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I guess I was shy, I mean... stay silent in class but they just don't know the true colors of everybody so... yeah I live as a shy girl... and nosy. My insanity? Shh!! I've been bullied in my dorm too (lol this is joke don't take it serious) But well, I love my roommates, I guess one of the noisiest room is ours. We gossip, laugh, fight, argue and so on. ALWAYS. The arguing part is real, they bullied me physically cause I bullied them mentally. I guess that fair and square. I can't really fight bigger and older people anyway... *heavy sigh* Never mind, I still love you guys. 

Haven't done with that class. So after few months with them, I'm happy. I still don't talk with several people... I mean, do I have to?? Got no point for that but still need to. I guess? Works that require me to talk with people like group assignment, debate things and so on... That's the only time I talk to people. Eh? (macam tipu) *Smell a rat* Anyway the most enjoyable one is Japanese class because I talk a lot. I even danced in the class but still people say I was 'ayu' in the class huhohuho ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

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We do have conflicts too. I argued with a lot of people here. I did make people cry. Oh please, I even make myself cry and it served me right. 

I actually wanna type more but lets just end here. 

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Train of thoughts in my mind but ねえ。。。
The picture above to you guys (unmention) sincerely from my deepest heart, かも。 

Thanks for reading! :D

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