Push and Pull; Force?


''Well, I lied.''

What's up, readers? I'm back with lot of things to tell, to share, to type. Not going to make a long introduction. Guess what? I survived and got chance to continue my study here in the same program. Getting full scholarship is super lucky but then the struggle is no joke that you almost die. So I currently in the middle of Short Semester in 2nd Year. Last year, there was short semester too. We did 書道 (shodou - calligraphy) of Kanji, and also handmade 巻きずし (makizushi - sushi rolled in nori seaweed something like that). It was fun but need to mention that we also need to attend class like usual. -__- 

But current short semester is like........... Hurkkkkk!

I'm still in the same class, Electrical & Electronic Engineering 1. The layout of the class still the same but we shuffled the seats. I finally got the chance to sit at the center wuhoo! Well, uhm, not really at the center but VERY much better than before. Before this, I have to wear my pink ''fashionable'' glasses because the whiteboard was damn far. I remembered when I almost cried cause I couldn't read anything on the slide, in chemistry class. LOL. Alhamdulillah I survived~ Now, satisfied for the seat but the class, not really. 

Let's talk about how my life begin for this semester. Malaysian studies! I cant even imagine that I will learn sejarah again. Let me tell you, I always got C in sejarah. I couldnt get into first class in high school because of that subject. I never got B for sejarah I guess but I barely made to get grade A for sejarah on Trial PMR, and cried, LOL. -___- So imagine that I need to face the same thing again...... pray for meh guys. Next is mathematics. I mentioned this for 973987394793 times, I am a math lover. Since... idk... till now. I know it's getting hard, I always got hard time with you too but it cant vanish my love to you. No matter hard you are, let's be together forever. (ehhhh)

Last but not least, 電気電子。I need to pull up my sock, improving in this subject I choose electrical engineering because I wanna get rid of mechanical engineering (lot of people said this too LOL) and I'm still trying to love it like how I love mathematics. I couldnt get 4.0 in second semester because physics (electrical thing lol). I get hard time to understand the circuit. I mean like, required long period to understand a simple thing. And I was like.... come on Nazira, this is just a surface for this course. And now I'm pulling a long face. No matter what, I need to struggle for it. I know I can do it. But hello where's the booster? I need inspirational thing to gain spirit too. Family and friends will do. 

Have lot of things in my mind but never mind, see you people.
Lot of loves, from me.

Thanks for reading! :D

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