Your kind of freedom?


One and only group that I can't even choose one of the members to be my bias cause they're damn slay in every MVs. I'm a BLINK! Present to you, BLACK PINK in your area! Even though I'm a fan of SNSD and Red Velvet but this new group from YG is literally perfect. Visual, dance, vocal and choreography are all out! 

Alright, I'm done for introduction. Hello there! To be clear, I'm going to continue my usual life in college. It's one week to go and this mixed feeling already got on my nerves cause the calmness that I want suddenly vanished into thin air. It's like having ants in one's pants, so restless! Whatever. No matter what I need to face that upcoming days. Still unknown one but let's get through it.


光陰矢の如し。TIME FLIES LIKE AN ARROW. My 3 weeks holiday has made me head over heels unconscious of the hardships before this. Yet I need to make comeback and struggle like I did before. Oh yah! Recently I had a very funny conversation with my friend, where I got confused with some terms in Biology. And I was like... is this really me? Getting A+ in Biology doesn't mean you're going to remember it till today. That's not me. 

I guess I'm not even get along with the title. Here we go. My kind of freedom? I don't really think about this but yeah for me I don't like being pushed by pushy one. I just wanna stand with my own little feet. That's it. Second one is I really wanna get rid of insecurities where I need to face the world full of pretty women and other kind of things that make me insecure. I know I shouldn't. That's why I gain my confidence by telling myself ''Alah kalau diorang gelap hodoh jugak''. 

I don't even bargain for myself to be outstanding but a lot of girls have same dream like that. But then I'm grateful to be who I am right now. 

  1. I was not born in silver spoon in my mouth ; That's made me realized how hard the life is. 
  2. Imperfect and full of insecurities ; Sometimes I upset being like this, how idiot because I'm so lucky because easily can get away from riak. 
  3. Useful brain, yeah I can say that ; Because I'm able to make my mom and dad proud of me. 

So? Be grateful for being who you are. However, be careful not to expose your weak point while attempting to protect yourself, 頭隠して尻隠さず - Atama kakushite, shiri kakusazu


Thanks for reading! :D

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