Cold ft. Future

大好き[LOVE] - 大嫌い [HATE]
This kanji, 大means big. For this circumstances, it brings the meaning ''really'' or ''so much''.
Really love // hate so much! This is my favorite gif anyway. 

Hello people in planet! 空が青を失っているが、泣かない。[Even though the sky is losing its blue, I will not cry] What's up? For being honestly honest my idea for this entry is N-O-N-E. I'm just desperately want to type in English so this perhaps will be my 34549579th random stories. I'm currently in home! So basically my day is a total different with my life at college. Ah~ So relaxing! I wonder what are my friends doing, but pretty sure having great time for 3 weeks before return to the mini jail. 

For this 3 meaningful consecutive weeks. I wanna grab the opportunities of having productive day, everyday! Sadly I got none of pen-pal. Would like to make some but... Never mind. So, I would like to spend time with family members, youtube-ing and of course searching for new songs for my little 耳[Ear]. 

That's mine. What about you? 

Thanks for reading! :D

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