(of a feeling) too strong to be described or conveyed in words.
"inexpressible joy"
indescribable, indefinable, unutterable, unspeakable, ineffable.

  Just a new word for me today. 初めてこの言葉を使って、いいと思う。Anyway it's February 2017. What a meaningful month. Too much things in minds, too much pain, too much happiness. I'm always wanna be a grateful person everyday, so I keep thinking of sweet memories I had with people surrounding me. 


I'm finally finished my Japanese lesson for semester 2. Gladly I didn't sleep in class, but there's a day when I was too sleepy and took a long closed-eyes moment. And pretend like I am thinking while learning. In semester 1, I did sleep in chemistry class with my companions besides me. The funny thing is they still do the same thing in semester 2. While me is having 'insaf' semester. *acah*

They said I'm way too diligent. They don't know. My diligent is to cover up my laziness. Yes, I do prepare my baju kurung at night, that's because I'm way too lazy to prepare in early morning. Morning is not my time, but still I wanna love morning just like I love sleeping at night. I wanna have productive day, I'm hoping for it everyday but still, the progression is slow as my internet. I'm wasting a few hours everyday for something unimportant. I know it. But what can I do~ 

I keep counting the day till I am able to return home. Hectic days here really made me turn into a real person. Yeah but still couldn’t get rid of craziness.

*     *     *

Today I’m feeling so happy because of this little thing. So let me tell you about one of my Japanese Lecturer named Chie Hashimoto (知恵橋本)*Okay sebenarnya aku hentam je kanji ‘Chie’ tu* She was one of my favourite sensei because she is Japanese and can talk with cute accent of English with her own style of teaching. I was with her too for my first Dokuwa lesson and she’s with me again for the third one.

At first I was a little cuak because compared with Malaysian Lecturer because of the disability of having Malay conversation. So, by hook or by crook I need to speak with her 90% Japanese and 10% English. I guess... So my third dokuwa presentation, I was with my partner named Nadhirah (MashaAllah ejaan nama kawan sendiri pun tak tahu)

It was an extremely long fight with dokuwa. It was. All that I can say is it was inexpressible because of getting mou ichido a.k.a please redo and submit again until you get ok. We struggled for it about 6 times I guess and then finally got the OK + smile emoji from Hashimoto sensei. No doubt I was happy for having her as my dokuwa lecturer because this is my pure chance to speak in Japanese. And because I often talk to her, she finally recognized me every time I meet her. I'm truly happy and appreciate her. She will return Japan after this. I'm going to miss her very much. Talking with her which can improve my Japanese really made my day brighter. Her smile, her action. Arigatou gozaimasu. She even waved at me when I meet her. Even though there's a lot of students there, she recognized me. Thank you. Kanshashimashita. <3


Thanks for reading! :D

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