Luckiness, no fluke?


It's been awhile since I left this blog. Assalamualaikum and what's up, people inside and outside the planet Earth? Still struggling in this hard life? Same here. But to think positively, it absolutely makes me stronger. Last week was a total hectic week for me, who is still immature to conquer her own life. Starting from Sunny Sunday until Sorrowful Saturday. I still remember it. I was crying every day, that week. Not crying out loud... Just about a few minutes to get myself into normal person again. BUT WAIT... crying is normal right?

''It's okay to cry. Crying is a natural response to pain.'' -Baymax 
Let me skip for the first and second of March. Let's leap to 3rd of March. One of the happiest days in my life, I guess? (To be honest the happiness is just a little even though it was also a hard day but I really want to see that happiness on that day, do you get what I'm trying to say?) I'm officially become a SPM leaver. I did a great job, I know. Even though I didn't achieve my goals but my dad said let's just grateful and say ''Alhamdulillah''. What a lovely advice for his little daughter. *grinning* ^^

Knowing I didn't accomplish my mission well, so I decided to make a move to improve my skills without any action. Uh? Uh! Actions speak louder than words, but right now my head is spinning "fakely". So I guess typing to make an entry is a mini way for me to improve, slowly. Special appreciation to Google Translate. T__T. Okay, back to the topic! On that day, at that glorious moment... I am the queen of the day! (maybe I should change it to 'princess', yes that's better!) I mean, princess of the day. I didn't expect much. Since I didn't confident and even did not trust myself.

Also, the same day.
I felt bad to everyone. So, is the happiest person cannot be happy because the others are sad? They said ''don't share happiness to sad people''. How can I do that? Because they also said ''share your happiness''... I'm getting confuse. SO I GUESS THE HAPPIEST PERSON SHOULD JUST KEEP HER HAPPINESS IN A DRAW AND FEEL THAT SHE'S ALONE AND THEN BECOME SAD PERSON. I just don't know... :( I'm also a human. And human never ever can make everyone happy. Half of them are happy, and then the rest are the irony. How tragic the life is. So I went home  But nobody's home. No, this is not a song. This is a real situation. Heh! Never mind, then I ate some pisang goreng and keropok for my lunch. Happiness shared? Yes, with food.


I received that message from you, did you remember about it? I was on the top of the world, on the cloud nine, delighted (nazira, it's just same! -_-) and my face is well-described about that feeling. Receiving the text from person that you love. (can I say loved? Cause I'm not sure with my feeling). That's just make my little world even brighter. I forgot about dimmer moment at that time. Thanks, er... dude? I don't know, I'm at the entrance, about to exit from the silly dream but I didn't notice I was totally trapped by my heart. So I guess let me just shut my mouth up and let my heart controls it. Then, brain interprets slowly... realising my action (my heart's) was stupid. COMPLICATED.

I don't want to share a crucial thing in this blog. Since, it's still public even though no one will read this nonsense entry. But still, let me just keep it deep inside my big heart. 

Thanks to one of my favourite boys for this shoes. Can you read my heart? Cause I really wanted this so much and finally you gave me this. Speechless yet my love grows more for you. Much loves. ''Massive congrats for his little princess''. Gratefully, my piggy bank is safe! Later!

Thanks for reading! :D

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