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Hi! Tadaima! I'm back~ Warm hug to my mini world. Here, the heart speaks with the help of little fingers. I guess no one is reading this nonsense entry. However, describing feeling is still endless thing. First of all, let me share one of the keepsake quotes;

''For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.'' -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Aw, what a waste! Shouldn't do that. Let us avoid from feeling down in the dumps. Anyway, super huge appreciation for my dad who bought this ocean blue laptop for his little daughter. I promise to take care of this gift diligently! Diligence is a mother of fortune right? Be grateful. At first, I was about to buy a coral pink one. [Check it out through GOOGLE!] But since the specifications are quite bad; no graphic card, just i3 core (actually this is okay) and only 500MB (I aimed my future laptop to have 1 Tera Bytes). So after a long discussion... I got this ocean blue one. Quite expensive for an ordinary person. Well, not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. However, pink still the champion in my heart! *Feeling on the top of the world!*

Phew! After squealing with joy, there's always an ironic plot. My inside feeling. I just don't know how to handle it professionally but I'm trying. I'm quite confused sometimes. *Laughing out loud*

Yes, this is the feeling of being teenager. However I believe in this idiom; easy come, easy go. Just like an inspirational idiom which makes me become more optimistic and avoid being pessimist. All good things come to those who waits. Sometimes I feel like I am painting myself into a corner. Gosh! JUST DON'T DIG YOUR OWN GRAVE! I nagged to myself. Back to the topic, [Do I look like I have a topic?] My elephant's memory won't forget those moments created. My desire to know more about you, the uncover incident. All of them were a total fatal. Who am I to go mad with rage that time? Just laughing at myself, realising that my imagination is the irony of the reality. My reaction was of course, like waiting for the other shoe to drop. But it's not too much terrified. It did not too eerie like what I have imagined.

My little drama.


Thanks for reading! :D

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Aini Shah said...

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