Hello people. How's life in 2017? Gaaahhh~  For me, its going to be a tough year of course. But no doubt I will gain new experiences, test my sabr level and much more. 楽しんでね~For real, I am 18 years old and 1 month minus 4 days. Still, they called me 19 years old girl. Where you are now still young but free. For me, I'm still childish, lacking the skills of being matured. So let me describe briefly(?) about this new year.

     For the first time, I didn't celebrate my birthday, 26th Dec 2016, my 18th birthday but no pizza, cakes or even KFC. They wanted to celebrate but I lost my mood for some unknown reasons. Weirdo! Returning myself to my second home, I got homesick and guess what? Crybaby!! I can't help but cry, I miss home and so on. The truth is I just sick of tests, quizzes which made me feel suck being in this second home, or sometimes I called it mini hell (just in my deepest heart)

    Being matured is hard as my heart. I couldn't stand people's action, though it was my fault. Yeah I should blame myself right. I shouldn't do extreme jokes. So I kept my mouth closed. That's perhaps better. I have to deal a lot of new thing I have never experience. Dying inside but that's just temporary. I believe. Hurting myself as I hurt them. Hurting myself, forgetting that silly action on past years. 

    I moved on about 97%. I kept the rests 3% for joying my little world inside. Sounds idiot but that's the truth. Nothing much to say but I'm not really ready for this kind of thing. Not my passion anyway. I do love youtube and twitter and songs than you. 


     The immature me won the game. I'm turning into a childish girl and annoyingly spoiled their days. I knew. But sometimes I couldn't stand when their actions were too much (in my opinion). I do have strange feeling of our relationship. I don't know why but there's still a wall. A huge invisible wall. I can't break it for some reasons. Or maybe that's just a feeling? Nope. That's the biggest lie. This made me to bring back the nostalgic memories, where's the gadgets are not the important things. Yesterday and today is a total different. 

     I don't know how to start it. But please know that gadgets are not the things you should always take care of. I do love the friendship before the gadgets take the first place. I want everybody appreciate the relationship between humans in front of you. Get me, I'm... begging. 

     Last but not least, feel free to listen to Melanie Martinez - Mr Potato Head. I almost cry. What a psycho Melanie. GET THE MEANING OF THE LYRICS. 

Thanks for reading! :D

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