The second half of 2018


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"I'd never know how painful it was until it happened to me."
Hello dreamland. I'm back, surprisingly. With too much burdens, too much happiness and too much things, now I'm making a comeback just to comfort myself; yeah stay stuck in this kind of thing. I'd love it tho. Oh anyway, guess where am I right now? I'm in a library and currently it's  9.54 P.M. My first time writing a post for my blog in a library yeay I'm a proud blogger. xD Have you heard about new vibes? Yeah maybe this is one of em. :'D

I don't know how to start, but let me just go straight to the topic. Phew, I can say that I've been living in 2018 dramatically. Lot of things happened and there are still upcoming future that remain unclear. First of all, let me talk about my final examination (it's always a must!) But this time, it's not only a final examination, but it came with the university distribution for us. I aimed for Ritsumeikan University for my 1st choice and Toyohashi University of Technology (if I'm not mistaken that's the name) for my 2nd choice. I was a bit scared, most of us did tho... but many of them aimed Ritsumeikan University too. For last semester, I was 18th out of 70 students. My GPA was 2.94 and passed to choose Ritsumeikan and Toyohashi.  I just had it in my mind.. I can do better, so I assumed it as not really an impressive result but good job babe. 

This semester, I broke my leg. I couldn't describe how hectic it was but I did my best. Allah always with me and He helped me a lot. Mom's and dad's dua helped me a lot.  My friends did pray for us too. Thank god I'm living with this kind of people. People around me are gems that I don't want to lose. So, my current GPA is 3.36 and I'm currently at 8th out of 70 students. Yes, I'm proud. I'm proud for myself, the reason I'm writing all of these, to share my happiness to myself, spending my precious time to appreciate myself. Since we can't share all of the happiness with people. Why not? Because will you do it while they're sad? No way right! At last, I was one of them to choose Ritsumeikan University as my first choice. 

Hello, I do have a lot of things to share but I don't think so. Moving on to the second topic, might be the last topic for this post because it's getting late. I'm a coward so I need to get out from this library before 11 P.M hehe! 

So, I don't know how to explain this but I currently don't know what is happening to me. I hope I'm still normal. I regretted myself for being this weird. Now I'm regretting it. What is fun by being an abnormal? I wanna live normally. I hope so. I'm going to be okay right? That's number one! Number two, I should start giving advice to myself. You gotta this! You're a strong little girl xD stop wasting your time worrying about something that you shouldn't. If it's meant to be, inshaAllah everything's gonna be okay. I have learnt from my own mistake. Because of that, I put my trust fully in Allah. He's the only one that you can rely on. I had enough with trust issues. Yes my heart still hoping for it but I really think I should stop being overreacting before thing become worse. But hi, I will always and keep praying for the best. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for making troubles.. a lot to you. I can't say it directly to you but I love you tau. May Allah protects us. Good luck. I'm counting on you even though I know I shouldnt. 

Thanks for reading! :D

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